What are the Best Forms of Hydration After a Night of Drinking Photo: iStock

What are the Best Forms of Hydration After a Night of Drinking

Hangovers are no fun. They’re the result of poisoning yourself with alcohol by partying too hard the night before. Yes, you read that right. Alcohol or ethanol is a poison. In small quantities, your liver processes out of your body without much of a problem. But drinking too much alcohol causes toxic by-products to build up in your gut, dehydrates you, and generally makes you feel like a pile of garbage the next day. The first piece of damage control you can do is to rehydrate yourself. Once your body has the liquids it needs, it can start to repair the damaged cells. And between the vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea, you’ll want to replenish your electrolytes and sugar as well.


Along with the other items on this list, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Just plain, old water from the tap or a bottle. When you’re dehydrated, your body is able to easily absorb water through the lining of your stomach. If you’re extremely hungover, there’s a good chance that you’ll puke the water back up. That’s okay, continue to drink more in small quantities until you stop throwing up.

Watered Down Gatorade

Hangover headaches are caused by two things – dehydration and acetaldehyde buildup. While you can’t do much about the latter, you can help reduce the intensity and severity of your headaches by hydrating. Gatorade with some water added to it to make it easier to absorb than straight Gatorade. This sports drink contains electrolytes lost from all the sweating and peeing from the night before, and it has sugar to give you some energy. Keep a bottle of Gatorade in your fridge before you go out to party at night, this will save you a trip to the convenience store the next day.


Pedialyte was originally created for children with diarrhea, but it’s also great for hungover adults! It’s lighter than Gatorade, but it contains all the necessary electrolytes that your body is missing. You can purchase a pack of Pedialyte at your local grocery store to keep on hand for those tough morning-afters.

Orange Juice

For those who aren’t severely hungover, orange juice with a greasy breakfast is the perfect antidote. The breakfast replenishes lost salts and minerals. The orange juice hydrates you and provides your body with a healthy dose of vitamins and fruit sugars. You don’t even need much orange juice to start feeling better, a nice big glass should work.

Hot Decaffeinated Tea

Sometimes, you just need something to settle your stomach. You might not be worshipping the porcelain throne, but you still feel queasy. Try a cup of hot decaffeinated tea, such as camomile, to ease that ‘urpy feeling. This beverage goes well with a greasy breakfast, which will also do wonders for that upset stomach. You can continue to drink it throughout the day to stay hydrated.