Tips/Study Habits For Academic Success Photo: iStock

Tips/Study Habits For Academic Success

Have you ever wondered how straight-A students achieve success? What their secret method is that helps them be better academically? The truth is that there is no secret formula. Students who are academically successful have good study habits that they apply daily. Anyone can boost their academic career by forming a set of habits from the following list that is tried, tested, and guarantees success. 

  1. Get to Class Before Time
    Most students who do well tend to get to class early. This helps you be prepared before the lecture starts by getting you into the mindset needed during class which allows you to focus better. You can review notes or the chapter, set out all the things you will need (notebook, paper, pens, etc.), ask the teacher about any doubts or questions you have, or just interact with the teacher or your fellow classmates. If you feel settled before class starts you have a much better chance of focusing and retaining the information shared with you.
  2. Don’t Procrastinate
    Don’t wait till the night before an assignment is due to start it. Try to finish an assignment the day it is assigned or at least start it so that you apply what you have learned. This helps study better in two ways, first, you remember better all the specifications needed and information you want to use since it is fresh in your mind, and second because you are reapplying the information that you learned that day you are able to review and remember it better long term.
  3. Set a Schedule/ Use a Planner
    Write down all of your assignments along with what you hope to achieve in a day and set a schedule. Make sure to create a schedule that works for you and is manageable. Include time for breaks, meals, extracurriculars, etc. By making a list of all the things you want to do, you are able to remember better and work faster because you will get a nagging feeling of something being left or forgotten if you don’t achieve everything you set out to do.
  4. Prepare
    Plan your outfit the night before, finish your homework assignments early, review the chapters necessary for a discussion the next day, etc. By preparing early you are able to feel more relaxed and focus all your attention on the tasks you are doing or in class. This will help you feel more in control and remove any unnecessary confusion and delays in your day that can give you more time to focus on the things you want to do.
  5. Enjoy What You Do
    Academically successful students don’t study and pay attention for the sake of passing their classes. They genuinely enjoy learning and being able to apply that knowledge in unique ways in their daily life. Don’t feel as if you can’t do something or won’t understand something if you feel like you hate a subject or assignment. By believing you hate something, you shut yourself out and lose the will to try working on something. Even if you don’t like something always try to act as if you do, this way you eventually start liking it.
  6. Organization is Key
    Organize everything. When you get papers back file them, keep your notes in order, have a set system that you follow. By having an organization system and knowing where everything belongs, you can easily access anything without having to go through all you belongings when you need it.
  7. School is a Full-Time Job
    Treat school like a full-time job. School should be your number one priority and devote all your focus to it. Nobody wants to be fired from the job, the same way treat failing or getting poor/ average grades as not getting promoted or geeting fired. Your teachers are your boss and try to impress them with your work as much as you can and work hard.
  8. Give It Your All
    Don’t work on any assignment or test half-heartedly thinking that a passing grade is enough. Be dedicated to your goals and know what you want to achieve. Successful students don’t want to just pass and move forward in life. They devote all their energy in achieving their goals and work hard. Any grade below A is not acceptable for them and they make sure to never accept a grade lower than what they desire without making sure they tried their hardest.
  9. Be Healthy
    Take care of yourself; make sure you are getting the proper nutrients and vitamins, drink water and get some exercise. Don’t be lazy and put things off for later. The healthier you are the less chance there is of you falling sick or having an “off” day. It ok to have a break and enjoy once in a while but make sure that your “off” day are not equivalent to or more than your “on” days.
  10. Help Others
    Try to help fellow classmates or volunteer to tutor others. This helps them remember things better and learn them as you have to understand any topic first before teaching it to others and by reviewing something with others you too benefit and learn things faster.

You may be a student that studies for hours on end, but without having a proper system, schedule or study habits you will not be able to establish a pattern that works for you and helps you succeed. Try to establish habits so that you can always rely on those work ethics to guide you in life even after your academic career is over. Next time you sut down to study, be sure to implement the tips shared!