Best foods for stomach issues Photo: iStock

Best foods for stomach issues

Sometimes we don’t think about what we put into our bodies until it’s too late when you’re sitting on the couch feeling bloated like a balloon, or worse, crouched over the toilet just praying it will pass. If you are prone to gastrointestinal issues, consider these helpful foods that will alleviate your stomach blues.


Your belly will definitely thank you for giving it some nice, ripe papaya. This fruit contains an enzyme that makes proteins easier to digest, aiding those who suffer from constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Mix it into a smoothie by blending some papaya chunks with milk or probiotic yogurt.

Rice or Oatmeal

You might already know that plain rice and chicken are perfect for dogs with diarrhea. The same can be said for humans. If you’re experiencing soft stool or diarrhea and you’re not sure why, try eating plain rice or oatmeal for a meal or two. These bland foods can help calm down whatever is irritating your intestines and put a stop to the issue. Of course, always see a medical professional for prolonged concerns.

Carbonated Beverages

Did you just eat some greasy food and it’s sitting uncomfortably in your chest? If you’ve just upset your stomach on a big greasy takeout order, get some relief by drinking a bubbly beverage. The carbonation stimulates the pyloric valve, causing your stomach to empty some of its contents into the small intestine. You’ll be much more comfortable once your stomach feels less full.

Berries and Citrus

Certain fruits like apples and pears contain high levels of fructose which cause bloating. This is both uncomfortable and unattractive, especially during bikini season. Try remedying this issue with berries or citrus like orange and grapefruit. Such fruits are lower in fructose and contain extra fiber that will help stimulate peristalsis so you can pass the gas more easily.

Probiotic Beverages (dairy or non-dairy)

While taking an antibiotic can help you get over an infection, it can also do a number on your immune system and your gut microbiome. Side effects of these medications include diarrhea, really stinky gas, bloating, moodiness, constipation, and general discomfort in the lower abdominal area. Drinking a probiotic beverage can help restore homeostasis to your gut microbiome. This isn’t a long-term magical cure, but studies have shown that short-term use of probiotics can help alleviate antibiotic side effects.