Best European Cities With the Highest Quality of Life Photo: iStock

Best European Cities With the Highest Quality of Life

This is all well and good if you’re a roaming nomad and have the liberty to settle on where you’ll live and add the longer term.
Many folks, though, a minimum of have the choice to travel and pick the simplest places to go to. And if a city is liveable, then it’s usually also visit-able. Here’s an inventory of the highest European and Eurasian cities, alongside their rankings across the world, and why you ought to visit if you cannot move to at least one of them. Europe has no shortage of natural beauty, but we’ll admit it is the cities that keep us returning to the continent again and again.
These European hubs—all with a population of 100,000 or more—have enough culture, food, architecture, cobblestone streets, and mountain views to an itinerary repeatedly over. Warning: they could even cause you to want to think about a permanent move across the Atlantic. From Athens to York, here are the 15 most beautiful cities in Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic
Consistently voted one among the simplest cities within the world, Prague is crammed with striking architecture, hilltop views, and charming markets. Pro tip: Head to the Old Town between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. (before the remainder of the tourists wakes up), when the town has a magical atmosphere and a way of anticipation hangs within the air.

Porto, Portugal
Before you begin writing angry emails about us not including Lisbon during this list, hear us out: Portugal’s second city has a significant moment. Oenophiles are in on the key for years, but creative types are flocking to Porto lately, because of the city’s stunning architecture (yes, there are many wonderfully decorated tiles) and public art.

Bern, Switzerland
Bern is quite the political center of Switzerland—it also happens to be one among the prettiest spots within the entire country. Built round the Aare , the town has gorgeous views from nearly every angle, including the covered walkways and charming Old City (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). confirm to prevent by Bern Münster (Bern Cathedral) and therefore the famous 13th-century Zytglogge (clock

Athens, Greece
Visiting world-renowned ruins in Athens is like taking a step back in time to ancient Greece, where stonework dates back to 400 BC, temples are delayed by centuries-old columns, and sculptures of deities are a standard sighting. Get your dose of history at the Acropolis, which provides both close-up views of the Parthenon and panoramic views of the town from its hilltop. Get similarly sweeping views (without the heavy footwork) at Lykavittos Hill, reachable via car .

Florence, Italy
Italy has no shortage of lovely cities, but Florence remains unrivalled in history, art, and architecture. you will find traces of Renaissance aesthetics everywhere town (this is that the birthplace of the 14thcentury movement, after all), just like the striking Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo) and Basilica of Santa Maria Novella. Meanwhile, Ponte Vecchio and therefore the Uffizi remain essential photo backdrops.

Bruges, Belgium
With its peaceful, tree-lined canals and cobblestone streets, it is easy to ascertain Bruges together big fairy-tale setting come to life. Much of the city’s charm lies in its immaculately preserved old city, built between the 12th and 15th centuries; grab a seat at a restaurant near the Markt (the historic center square), and decide to linger for the higher a part of each day .

Budapest, Hungary
With a number of the simplest school architecture in Europe, Budapest has few bad angles. For the absolute best angle, though, walk the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in the dark for unforgettable views of the Hungarian Parliament shining over the Danube .

Edinburgh, Scotland
Beloved for its endless green hills and interesting history, Edinburgh looks great altogether seasons. Apart from its beautiful Gothic buildings, cobblestoned Royal Mile, and 12th-century castle keeping watch on a hilltop, it also happens to possess an extinct volcano within its parameters. Are you able to say that about your home city?

Innsbruck, Austria
Surrounded by ski slopes during the winter and mountainous hiking trails during the summer, Innsbruck is the place for adventurous travelers. But Tyrol’s capital city is quite just an area to sleep between exploring the hills—its museums, medieval old town, and Alpenzoo (the highest-altitude zoo altogether of Europe) are all well worth a visit.

Bergen, Norway
No trip to Norway is complete without a stop in Bergen, the country’s second-most populated city. The postcard-perfect town has all the makings of an idyllic Nordic village: scenic harbor, colorful rows of wooden houses, and sweeping views of the encompassing fjords and mountain group (known because the Seven Mountains).

Paris, France
This one’s a given: Paris may be a place where romance and history play side by side. Cafés line cobblestone streets, beautiful people stroll along the Seine in the least hours, and each neighborhood seems to possess its own iconic landmark, be it the Notre-Dame, Sacré Coeur, or Eiffel Tower. For a flash of relative peace among your fellow tourists, take a stroll among the statues at the elegant Luxembourg Gardens, and picture how perfect life would be if you lived here.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul continues to draw us in, whether it’s through the fevered energy of the Grand Bazaar or the old-meets-new aesthetic of Karaköy. But the architecture still shines brightest here, with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia featuring prominent displays of both Byzantine and Ottoman styles: Think massive domes, colored mosaics, minarets, and Islamic calligraphy.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Despite its reputation for churning out cutting-edge restaurants and hotels, Copenhagen has an ageless charm that creates you would like to book your next trip before your current trip is even over. The whimsical, 1800s-era Tivoli Gardens puts all other amusement parks to shame, while the bohemian commune of Christiania may be a hazy, verdant dreamland. And just in case you were wondering, yes: The waterfront houses of Nyhavn really are that pretty.

York, England
From its River Ouse views to narrow alleys and medieval walls, York is that the English city you have been dreaming of. confirm to pay a visit to the Chapter House of York Minster for one among the simplest glass displays on the planet—massive windows lining the octagonal room, shrouding the house in soft, ethereal light.

Vienna, Austria

Artistic and exquisite, it’s no surprise that Vienna was voted the simplest city in Europe during this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Between visiting the opera and sampling Sachertorte, make certain to pay a visit to Schönbrunn Palace, the previous summer residence of the Habsburgs and Vienna’s hottest tourist attraction. The palace’s Baroque architecture and spectacular gardens are worth bumping elbows with a couple of fellow tourists.