Best Apps for Keeping Track of your Monthly Subscriptions Photo: iStock

Best Apps for Keeping Track of your Monthly Subscriptions

Remember that free trial you signed up for back in March to watch a single episode on a new streaming service? You might still be paying for a subscription you totally forgot about.

Don’t sweat it. Most people have multiple recurring subscriptions these days, and there are a ton of easy ways to keep track of what you’re paying for. Here’s a look at the best apps for tracking your monthly payments.

App Store

If you signed-up for a membership directly through your iPhone or iPad, Apple makes it easy to manage your subscriptions and cancel those you’re not using. Click on Settings, tap [your name], and then hit Subscriptions. From there, you can see every service you’re paying for, and easily cancel whatever doesn’t fit your budget.


This mobile app links directly to your bank account, using your financial data to give you a better understanding of your own spending habits. Truebill has a customizable dashboard that helps you set up and stick to a budget. It also breaks down your monthly costs, making it easier to see where your money is going. Additionally, it will help you cancel any unwanted subscriptions by providing you with contact information for any given service. (Sign-up is free, while premium memberships start at $3/month).


Trim also links to your bank account, making your finances easier to understand. The app helps users manage charges, get rid of debt, and negotiate bills, among other features. Additionally, Trim highlights your subscriptions for you and helps you figure out the source of any surprise charges. Trim also has a social aspect, which compares your spending habits with those of other users. (Sign-up is free, though there are paid, in-app premium tools).


If you don’t feel comfortable linking your bank account to a budgeting app, consider Bobby. This app requires you to manually input your subscriptions, after which it keeps you updated on how much you’re paying for each. You can also sign-up for text alerts that will remind you when a bill is due. That way, even if you have automatic payments for a specific service, you won’t be left wondering where your money went. (Sign-up is free, but some in-app features require additional payment).


Subby also requires you to manually input your subscriptions. But it gives you a clear, organized chart of your outstanding memberships, with over 400 helpful icons that represent different services. (Example; a Netflix icon will appear next to your Netflix charge to make the breakdown easier to review). You can also use Subby to set reminders to pay bills and to check off your completed payments. (Sign-up is free, but for $3/month you can remove ads, backup data to Google Drive, and access other specialty features).

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